The Seven Most Common SEO Problems

Weak Products

There are seven basic SEO problems holding back e-commerce sites. Weak products often have short descriptions, the information is not unique, and a business is ranked below their competitors by the search engines. This can be changed by working on the product descriptions, adding unique content, and ensuring duplicates of the descriptions are not located on other sites. These steps can resolve issues, open the site, and improve the ranking.

User Reviews

Search results are affected by user reviews, and they should always be included within the site. While it is true buyers are given the ability to leave a negative review on the site, the evidence proves conversion rates are improved by user reviews, and the diverse ratings are more effective regarding conversions than five-star reviews. The impact is rarely anything but positive.

The Keyword Optimization

An e-commerce page development should be done with keywords. Most pages are built using model, and brand names. Although some consumers are looking for these specific names, most are searching for a generic phrase. Consumer phrasing for similar products must be incorporated into the keywords. This can be accomplished by researching the key phrases most commonly used by consumers, analyzing headings, URL’s, image alts, and meta descriptions.

The Informational Content

The informational content must not be neglected due to a focus on keywords. The reputation with the search engines can be strengthened by using informational keywords instead of transactional. This can not only improve the reputation of the site, but add considerable traffic. This may be caused by the influence on the behavioral metrics of the site.

Poorly Planned Redesigns

SEO must be considered before a site is redesigned. The pages responsible for traffic are often rearranged, high ranking pages can easily be lost, and excellent past results can disappear. When key pages are lost, errors for missing pages are created, organic traffic drops, and rankings plummet. Links can direct users to pages no longer there, and the production of duplicate content may result in algorithmic penalties. The services of an SEO professional should be used for all site redesigns to eliminate the negative possibilities.

Poor Migration

Third party platforms are used to build most e-commerce sites. This allows the business to focus on their core business instead of spending a lot of time on web development. Platforms are switched for previously unavailable features, or as the market share increases. This can lead to a serious drop in ranking, and technical SEO issues. The conversion rate can be affected when a platform uses JavaScript instead of HTML. SEO professionals are a necessity when an e-commerce platform is updated.

Optimization for Promising Keywords

Keywords showing promise should be leveraged using a technique to identify well performing keywords, make changes, and increase page optimization. Pages can be updated by tweaking the content, headers, and titles so the keywords are better reflected. The content can additionally be improved with link building. Keywords ranking without any optimization are a golden opportunity and should be capitalized in the content, headings, and title. It is important to ensure rankings are not being sacrificed for keywords with more importance. The changes in the content must be useful for the users, without becoming a detraction for the pages primary message. An SEO professional can be of invaluable assistance during this process.


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